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Each dearjohnnies gown will arrive packaged and ready to gift in its own matching re-useable bag. Our signature grosgrain ribbon cinches at the top and the 100% cotton bag is perfect for storing personal items in during a hospital stay such as toiletries or valuables!

Bag measures 14x6.

Shop now and receive your gown gift wrapped in the matching bag. Ready to go for you or as a gift!


dearjohnnies Down Under- International Shipping!

Did you know that dearjohnnies goes global??

We just shipped off an order to Brisbane, Australia. The customer said she had searched online through about 12 different companies but the design, price and quality of your products was FAR superior. Don't forget our 20% OFF promo ends tonight at midnight. code: give20 (excludes sample sale category).

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20% OFF Now thru Sunday 11/21/10

We are so very thankful to our loyal customers, and our new ones! If you haven't tried dearjohnnies hospital gowns, or if you have and you loved them please take advantage of our 20% OFF now until Sunday 11/21/10!

Code: give20 at checkout.
Excludes "Sample Sale" Merchandise.



It's Not Just About Looking Good... A message from Rachel

Did anyone see the "Push...and smile!" article in the Boston Globe today?

Full disclosure: I was interviewed for the story and quoted in it. The lead-in reads "Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, giving birth has become a much more public event." The story talks a lot about how those first pics are no longer just shared with your immediate family but are posted for all the world to see and live on in perpetuity thanks to the digital medium. I laughed when I read the article because this is EXACTLY what gave me the idea to remake the dreaded hospital gown when I was pregnant with my first daughter 8 years ago - back in the dark ages when we were just emailing our first photos out to family and friends! I did NOT want to wear a drab, used, one size fits all, gray gown that would make me look even more tired and exhausted than I already was post labor. I actioned that idea 2 years later when I designed my first two gowns and wore them when my second daughter was born. The rest as they say is history...dearjohnnies was born, our beautiful hospital gowns became the must have accessory for expecting moms - including many hi profile celebs! By the time my third daughter was born in 2007 I was outfitted in a full complement of dearjohnnies gowns, bathrobes and swaddle blankets for the big event.

But here's where it gets even better.....along the way I realized that while on the surface it seemed to be all about vanity, it was really about so much more than that. We all know that when we look better we feel better, and studies show when we feel better we heal better. I saw that a lot of my customers were buying these gowns for loved ones who were not expecting. They wanted my gowns for their grandmothers in skilled nursing facilities, their moms having knee replacements and their best friends having mastectomies. They wanted to give them a little something to brighten their mood, lift their spirits and make them feel more like themselves in an otherwise institutional and oftentimes scary situation.

dearjohnnies gowns are really about giving patients dignity. I realize that every day when I get incredible emails and testimonials from my customers sharing their dearjohnnies stories. From the 13 year old girl, who awoke from a medically induced coma in the PICU, and declared she felt like she was going to a party in the Chloe gown her Aunt brought her, to the mom who thanked me for providing beauty to the life of her chronically ill adult daughter who has been in the ICU for the last year battling a chronic illness. These stories motivate me everyday to continue to build my business and fulfill our goal to be the Get Better Hospital Gown.

Rachel Zinny
The "Get" Better Hospital Gown


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Safe. Secure. Stylish. Sized.

The 4 focus points of our line. dearjohnnies are Safe.Secure.Stylish.Sized.

This is why we have been the leading designer hospital gown company for over 5 years! Check out our website for recent notes from celebrity fans and sign up for our email newsletter
so that you can be in the loop on any specials or news from our founder!

During October the Breast Cancer Awareness products can be overwhelming! We want you to know that you can help the fight 365 days a year by purchasing our Lucy gown! It's a perfect gift for a loved one who is getting ready for labor/delivery, or experiencing in-patient or out-patient surgery, or receiving treatment. Our gowns are also purchased for those who are bed bound but want a diginified, medically accessible garment. Flowers wilt, and food is not always an acceptable gift for someone who is not feeling well. Our gowns are a unique, and comforting option.

Happy October, and remember Breast Cancer Awareness is a daily goal at dearjohnnies.


Rachel's First Triathalon

This past Sunday I participated in my first ever triathalon - a "women-only" sprint event. I swam, biked and ran with over 700 women and it was AMAZING! There were women of all ages and all shapes there and the energy was palpable. I made the commitment to do it last year when I turned 40 - just to prove to myself that I wasn't over the hill! And while it was certainly a challenge for me, seeing my husband and three girls (ages 7, 5 and 3) cheering me on and waiting at the finish line - was a TRUE inspiration. I wanted them to know that if you put your mind to it and dedicate yourself you can achieve anything - such an important lesson for girls to learn and women to remember. I felt the same inspiration and motivation when I started dearjohnnies almost 6 years ago.

Now I just can't decide what was harder finishing the triathalon or building the business???

- Rachel Zinny, Founder dearjohnnies



We are so excited about our Labor Day Promotion!

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Have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend!


A Perfect Pair

Our "Perfect Pair" coupling is available in ten of our fabric patterns. A great gift for any woman headed into the hospital or experiencing treatments. The robe continues to be useful at home as an everyday piece. The soft white flannel fabric is of the highest quality, and trimmed with the coordinating gown's fabric pattern.

Choose your "Perfect Pair" at checkout! Remember that this combination also qualifies for $15 off of your purchase! Monogramming is available for each piece.

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New Beauty

Many of our customers order dearjohnnies hospital gowns when they are heading in for cosmetic surgery. Our gowns offer a comfortable and stylish way to recover all the while allowing medical staff to do their jobs.

Speaking of cosmetic surgery- have you ever seen New Beauty? It is a magazine featuring information about procedures dramatic & subtle, as well as health and beauty tips & products!

View the latest online edition HERE


Bethenny Getting Married -Lucy In the Spotlight

We were so delighted to see Bethenny wearing her second Lucy hospital gown in episode 8 of Bravo TV's Bethenny Getting Married?!

It was a compliment to our quality and brand to see her wear her Lucy gown with monogram BF into her c-section. Such a scary and thrilling time! But then to see her wear her second gown with the B monogram in the opening scenes of Episode 8 during her recovery was the icing on the cake! Lucy is one of the original designs and part of our Wellesley collection. 10% of Lucy gown proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Fund. This is a 365 day /year donation, not only in October.

She looked beautiful, proud, secure and comfortable and that is how we want all of our customers to feel!


A bachelorette, A dearjohnnies Fan & A Great Cause


dearjohnnies just donated to Ryan Sutter's 10.10.10 Challenge. He's asking 10,000 people to give $10 to a non-profit called First Descents that provides free outdoor adventure therapy to young adults with cancer. To accept this challenge and help give the adventure of a lifetime go to http://101010.firstdescents.org.

dearjohnnies believes in Ryan and we know he can do it! Perhaps the name sounds familiar? He was the loving bachelor who fell in love with Trista Rehn (now Sutter) on ABC's The Bachelorette! He wooed her, wrote songs for her, drew her favorite kind of tiger, and they now have a sweet little family in Colorado where he is a firefighter and she is a work at home mom of 2. Trista is also a loyal dearjohnnies fan and wore our Lucy Gown to deliver her daughter Blakesley Grace in 2009.

See more about Ryan's challenge, view video's of his training and his thoughts on First Descents here and please make a donation to this great cause!


New! Sample Sale Section

Sometimes small factory defects happen, but we are literally talking a small red line or a tiny tear, but nothing that changes the safety or style of our unique and original hospital gowns.

dearjohnnies has been making designer hospital gowns for 5 years and we pride ourselves on offering them to labor/delivery patients, long term care, inpatient, outpatient, cosmetic surgery, those receiving chemo and radiation and those in hospice care. Our quality gowns are made in the USA with the finest fabrics and priced accordingly. However our sample sale collection now makes them even more accessible to all!

Visit the sample sale section and keep an eye out for additions as we have them available such as our robes, blankets and other popular gown patterns.

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Bethenny Frankel Wears our Lucy Gown on BGM!

Millions watched last night on Bravo TV as Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives of NYC and Bethenny Getting Married? labors with her baby Bryn 5 weeks early. Then the news hit her that she would need an emergency c-section and we are so happy that she had her hospital approved dearjohnnies Lucy gown on hand to wear for her surgery. She looked pretty in pink in her monogrammed gown that she special ordered from us!

10% of proceeds from the sale of all Lucy gowns will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Fund! 365 days/year!


Always A Baby Shower Hit!

A customer sent us this photo from her phone of a happy Mom-To-Be receiving our "Ruby" hospital labor and delivery gown at her baby shower!

Best wishes for a healthy delivery and enjoy!

We always appreciate it when our customers send in photos and share testimonials! We are happy to give you 25% off of your next purchase for doing so! Contact us for more information.


Win A dearjohnnies Designer Hospital Gown on Shop Hop

Baby Shop Hop, a new website wants you to look Haute in the Hospital! But- you must hurry! The Contest ends TODAY! Spill the beans to them in the comments section of Baby Shop Hop and tell them what you wished you had brought to the hospital your first time around.

Enter HERE


Help Our Customer Win A Dream Wedding!

A few months ago we posted a blog about a repeat customer of ours Johanna. Her husband is in the Air Force. They are based in Okinawa and she has SIX girls! SIX! Johanna and her husband William are finalists for the Kafuu Resort Okinawa Wedding/Vow Renewal Operation Dream Wedding Giveaway. We would LOVE it if they won and were able to have their dream wedding! We are huge supporters of those in the military and Johanna has been such a great dearjohnnies customer.

delivering daughter #6!! in our Rory gown

Daughter #5 in our Lucy gown


Please make be aware that the “votes” are actually comments placed under the specific video that is being accredited. Comments on the main Kafuu page will not be counted and will be discarded. Each comment shows an IP address on our administration page. Each vote will be checked to make sure that multiple votes have not been placed. More than 1 vote from any user will be deleted and obviously not scored. Any negative comments found anywhere will be deleted, that user blocked from further participation.

A note from Johanna:
Thanks so much all!!! Much love and many thanks, Him, me and our 6 Symphonies


We don't like to think about it but....

Children and tweens and teens sometimes need to be hospitalized.

It's just a simple fact.

We recently received an email from a customer with a very sweet note that reminded us of this simple fact, and then also reminded us of why we do what we do.

Dear Rachel,
Yes, we received the gowns last week. My 13 year old niece has been in the PICU for over a month now. She was in a medically induced coma but is now awake and very aware. When she got the gown she proclaimed that she felt like she was going to a party! I can't fully explain her joy but you can imagine how awful it is for a 13 year old to feel so yucky-these helped lift her spirits. Incredible! Thank you! Let me know if you ever have any new prints.

-Rachael E.

Our women's gowns are sized, therefore they fit pre-teen (s/m) to Plus size! If you know of a young lady who is the hospital or headed for treatment, a gift of a "party dress" hospital gown may just do the trick and lift her spirits as well!



How To Send Condolences

Ever wonder how you should tactfully say "I'm Sorry."? Or what to write in a condolence card? Have you even avoided writing one because you just don't know what to say?

Last week the NY Times published an article that we found helpful. Many of our customers order dearjohnnies hospital gowns for patients entering hospice care, or for loved ones battling terminal illness. Our gowns are approved for medical access and while fashionable and offering more coverage, are modeled after a real gown. We know from our testimonials that our gowns bring comfort so if you know of someone who can use one, we promise, it will be well received.

When you need this information about how to send your condolences, we hope it comes in handy.

From Kind Words, Lessons on Condolences by Tara Parker-Pope


It's National Women's Health Week!

At dearjohnnies women's health is a priority which is why we created our high quality product, the safe, stylish hospital gown!

Please visit the Women's Health website to see what you can do to stay in tip top shape!


Hot Moms Club

dearjohnnies is excited to be part of the Hot Moms Club book The Hot Mom to Be Handbook: Look and Feel Great from Bump to Baby by Jessica Denay!

We are featured inside with a special promotion for readers.

get your copy here


Put Some Pink In Your Loved One's Cheeks!

We probably all know someone who is ill. Unfortunately. Whether they are in the hospital or home receiving care, checking in soon for a surgery, or staying for an extended period of time. What they need is your love and support, but they could also use a little pink in their cheeks. A little boost of comfort and confidence. This is what dearjohnnies strives to do (and succeeds at) daily.

Our Chloe gown is filled with pops of pink and makes a great gift! Flowers wilt, candy and other food items are often not appropriate gifts to someone in the hospital, but you are sure to wow with a dearjohnnies gown!

Most recently actress Amy Adams received this gown to wear when she welcomes her first child soon!


Breastfeeding In Your dearjohnnies

We just received a great question posed to the blog:

"Are the easy to breastfeed in? Doesn't look like it. I've seen another gown that has front panels that help with breastfeeding without showing everything."

Our Answer:

dearjohnnies are real hospital gowns, so they have all of the design elements but done better!
The snap down sleeves open completely and nursing can be done with ease.

dearjohnnies allow for medical access for the days after you deliver when nurses and doctors will need access for IV's, to check your bottom, and your incisions. Other "nursing gowns" which may have slits or front panels do not have these hospital gown design elements. The purpose of dearjohnnies is to provide women and children with comfortable, safe, and secure hospital gowns. They are approved for medical access and what you will really want to and need to be wearing during your labor, delivery, and recovery.

We suggest using one of our coordinating swaddling blankets for privacy or tucking your baby into your gown to nurse. To hold up the back portion of your dearjohnnies hospital gown while your sleeve is un-snapped, tuck the back panel and snaps into the back of your nursing bra strap. This way when you need to snap back up, it is all right there!

One dearjohnnies customer sent us this photo. Tucking your baby inside your hospital gown to nurse is an excellent way to gain coverage as well as precious skin to skin contact!


Healthcare Reform? How About Hospital Gown Reform? We Approve!

This is a funny cartoon and it is fitting in the midst of all of the Healthcare Reform chatter on the web today. Thank goodness dearjohnnies thought of Hospital Gown reform YEARS ago!



A Favorite

Blogger Shana Cody of My Favorite Everything recently delivered Piper Danielle in our Cece Gown! They both look beautiful and we were glad to be a part of her big day!

The Cece can be found at dearjohnnies in s/m, l/xl and plus. Also matching robes and swaddle blankets are available.


thank you StyleBakery

Recently dearjohnnies was featured on StyleBakeryMom!

They featured the Rory which is a best selling gown (purple is HOT)! The Rory also has a coordinating robe available in sizes s/m and l/xl.

dearjohnnies is the original designer hospital gown company. Modeled after real hospital gowns approved for medical attention. Your gown will fit better and give you more coverage, security and comfort than the drab gowns they hand out and re-use for inpatient and outpatient treatment. Bring your own!


Scary Moments Made Better With A dearjohnnies

We just received this letter from a customer who during a scary batch of moments during her delivery, found that her fashionable Lola hospital gown kept the mood light and kept her feeling safe and secure. These are the emails we just can't keep to ourselves!

Hello Rachel-

I had such a great experience with your gowns that I wanted to take some time to write (albeit a year later) to let you know.

I purchased 2 gowns for myself, as well as another for a friend who was set to deliver several weeks before me. Exactly three weeks after my friend, I went into labor myself, and upon arrival, I immediately put on my first gown (Lola). Right away the compliments came from anyone who saw me in my gown; I was incredibly comfortable, not only because I was wearing something of my own, but also because it was so unbelievably soft! After thirteen hours of natural labor and reaching almost full-dilation, however, my doctor discovered that a resident had mistaken my son’s bottom for his head and the he was in reality coming “Frank breech,” or bottom first. As a result, I was immediately given an epidural and rushed into the operating room for a cesarean delivery. (The attached pic was taken just before I left for the O.R.)

You can imagine the rush of emotions at that point, but as I rolled into the O.R. the compliments began flying about my gown from both nurses and doctors, alike, and my frazzled frame of mind was immediately changed into one of confidence and joy. Even after thirteen crazy, tiring hours, I felt beautiful and comfortable once again and ready to welcome our baby boy into the world!

Cole was born on December 12, 2008, weighing a healthy 8 lbs., 6oz. (See other attached pic)

I recently gave a friend the “Lucy” gown/robe combo for her upcoming delivery and her mother was so impressed, she plans to purchase an additional gown for my friend’s delivery herself!

Thanks so much, Rachel, for all you do to help make one of the most special days of a woman’s life even better!!!

-Sally Franklin
Eufaula, Alabama
(A military wife, previously of Duluth, MN, for the birth)


It's All About Quality and Comfort

A recent email from a dear repeat customer-

I have been a fan of dearjohnnies since I bought my first monogrammed gown before a medical procedure in 2006. I bought another in 2007 before the birth of my first child and I am not kidding when I say nurses were stopping by just to *see* my cute pink polka dotted gown!

I rarely had to push the call button as there was always a nurse in my room, asking about my gown, commenting on how cute it was, saying that they had never had anyone bring in their own hospital gown before! I am expecting identical twins in about ten weeks and I have already pulled out my two dearjohnnies gowns in preparation for the hospital. These gowns are made to last! Despite being several years old and being washed many times, they still look crisp and brand new.

Love, love, love this product. Thank you for helping me to personalize and feel more myself during some of the most important times of my life!

M. Kim


Gift Certificates Now Available

We have had many requests for gift certificates at dearjohnnies. Over the weekend we launched this service and now happily provide them in a choice of dollar amounts. Flowers die, and candy is not always welcome in the hospital. Give your friend, family member or child you know who is headed to the hospital something that they can really use.

Available at dearjohnnies
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