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Blogger Shana Cody of My Favorite Everything recently delivered Piper Danielle in our Cece Gown! They both look beautiful and we were glad to be a part of her big day!

The Cece can be found at dearjohnnies in s/m, l/xl and plus. Also matching robes and swaddle blankets are available.


  1. Are the easy to breastfeed in? Doesn't look like it. I've seen another gown that has front panels that help with breastfeeding without showing everything.

  2. dearjohnnies are real hospital gowns, so they have all of the design elements but done better! The snap down sleeves open completely and nursing can be done with ease. dearjohnnies allow for medical access for the days after you deliver when nurses and doctors will need access for IV's, to check your bottom, and your incisions. Other nursing gowns do not have these design elements. However we suggest using one of our coordinating swaddling blankets for privacy and or tucking your baby into your gown. Look for a post about tips on how to nurse in your gown on our blog today! Great question.

  3. Yes, the other one I found do have 'amenities' of a hospital gown (access to ivs, etc) I really don't want a 'real hospital gown', I want something that I will feel comfortable in. I see how you nurse, but it's not discreet at all, the others give privacy without having to use a blanket or cover. Thanks for the advice, but I think I will do with the other, looks for comfortable and easier to breastfeed. Plus, they are organic, what's better than your baby being placed on organic fabric right after birth. :)

  4. I LOVED my dearjohnnies gown! So comfortable and very easy to use and I received so many compliments from the nursing staff as well as visiting friends! You need to wear what you're comfortable in, but after 3 babies in 3 years, and trying so many different options, I WISH I had known about these gowns from the start (Im in the hospital at least 5 days due to c-sections, so quite a few days to try things...). Something to note is the nursing staff needs to "take care" of you a lot in the beginning, besides just the nursing you need to do with your little one. Giving them a gown that they are already familiar with the functionality so that they can take care of you best, while also giving you a soft and very cute gown, is a win-win for everyone! My nurse looked so nervous when I pulled out the gown, but when I showed her it was the same style as a hospital gown, she was thrilled and had me out of my surgery gown and into the fresh gown in seconds!! dearjohnnies is most certainly a favorite I will recommend!

    Shanna - http://www.myfavoriteeverything.com


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