We don't like to think about it but....

Children and tweens and teens sometimes need to be hospitalized.

It's just a simple fact.

We recently received an email from a customer with a very sweet note that reminded us of this simple fact, and then also reminded us of why we do what we do.

Dear Rachel,
Yes, we received the gowns last week. My 13 year old niece has been in the PICU for over a month now. She was in a medically induced coma but is now awake and very aware. When she got the gown she proclaimed that she felt like she was going to a party! I can't fully explain her joy but you can imagine how awful it is for a 13 year old to feel so yucky-these helped lift her spirits. Incredible! Thank you! Let me know if you ever have any new prints.

-Rachael E.

Our women's gowns are sized, therefore they fit pre-teen (s/m) to Plus size! If you know of a young lady who is the hospital or headed for treatment, a gift of a "party dress" hospital gown may just do the trick and lift her spirits as well!


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