A Better Patient Gown

dearjohnnies is not only about the gown our customers wear while receiving treatment, delivering a baby or under the knife- we also provide medical practices around the country with patient exam gowns!

Does your doctor hand you a paper gown or worse a worn, tattered exam gown that leaves you feeling vulnerable? Let him know about dearjohnnies! If your doctor orders from us and gives us your name, you will receive a $100 Amex gift card!

Tell your doctor to email info@dearjohnnies.com for more information. Our patient exam gowns and robes can be fully customized with the logo or name of your doctor's practice.

Here's to a better exam gown next time you are in the doctor's office!

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Hospice Care, What To Expect

dearjohnnies hospital gowns are ordered for a variety of reasons. One of them is to make patients more comfortable during Hospice Care.

The Hospice Foundation of America is a nice resource if you know someone who will be receiving Hospice Care. Find more information here and consider a dearjohnnies gown to make patient care easier on the provider, and most importantly offer dignity to your loved one.

Our gowns are sized, 100% cotton, fully accessible for medical attention and come in a variety of patterns to brighten spirits. Sizing starts now at XS. Order online at dearjohnnies
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