Rachel's First Triathalon

This past Sunday I participated in my first ever triathalon - a "women-only" sprint event. I swam, biked and ran with over 700 women and it was AMAZING! There were women of all ages and all shapes there and the energy was palpable. I made the commitment to do it last year when I turned 40 - just to prove to myself that I wasn't over the hill! And while it was certainly a challenge for me, seeing my husband and three girls (ages 7, 5 and 3) cheering me on and waiting at the finish line - was a TRUE inspiration. I wanted them to know that if you put your mind to it and dedicate yourself you can achieve anything - such an important lesson for girls to learn and women to remember. I felt the same inspiration and motivation when I started dearjohnnies almost 6 years ago.

Now I just can't decide what was harder finishing the triathalon or building the business???

- Rachel Zinny, Founder dearjohnnies

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