Beautiful Thanks

A recent testimonial came our way with a beautiful photo to go with!

This is Kristen Rutherford and her new baby. We just love how she put her newborn right inside her dearjohnnies Rory Hospital Gown! Mother and baby look safe, cozy and comfortable.

"I saw your gowns at a baby expo when I was 4 months pregnant -- I kept thinking about them and hemming and hawing about getting one, and finally my husband *put his foot down* and insisted I buy it. We were going to order it online, but decided to check and see if one was available locally. We found a vendor selling the style I wanted in my size, went and bought it and had a nice brunch afterwards. I went into labor that night!

All of the nurses at the hospital commented on it - most of them hoping they were the "new hospital gowns" - It got to be so hilarious - I would be in the middle of a contraction and a new nurse or technician would come in and say "Okay Mrs.. oooh! What a GREAT gown!" and I would say mid-contractions "thaaaanks my husbaaand bought it for meee." --it was such a big hit in the maternity ward! Most of all, it was so comfortable and soft, and best of all it FIT me! I'm planning on buying these for my pregnant friends from here on out. Thanks again.

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