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The 4 focus points of our line. dearjohnnies are Safe.Secure.Stylish.Sized.

This is why we have been the leading designer hospital gown company for over 5 years! Check out our website for recent notes from celebrity fans and sign up for our email newsletter
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During October the Breast Cancer Awareness products can be overwhelming! We want you to know that you can help the fight 365 days a year by purchasing our Lucy gown! It's a perfect gift for a loved one who is getting ready for labor/delivery, or experiencing in-patient or out-patient surgery, or receiving treatment. Our gowns are also purchased for those who are bed bound but want a diginified, medically accessible garment. Flowers wilt, and food is not always an acceptable gift for someone who is not feeling well. Our gowns are a unique, and comforting option.

Happy October, and remember Breast Cancer Awareness is a daily goal at dearjohnnies.


  1. I'm looking for dearjohnnies for a boy (size 8/10.) My son has an immune deficiency and is in the hospital often. He doesn't like the way regular hospital gowns fit so I'm looking for an alternative!

  2. Thank you for your post. Unfortunately our sizing would not work for your son. We realize the importance in finding something comfortable for him, so let us think on it and we will contact you if we increase our size range and options.


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