It's All About Quality and Comfort

A recent email from a dear repeat customer-

I have been a fan of dearjohnnies since I bought my first monogrammed gown before a medical procedure in 2006. I bought another in 2007 before the birth of my first child and I am not kidding when I say nurses were stopping by just to *see* my cute pink polka dotted gown!

I rarely had to push the call button as there was always a nurse in my room, asking about my gown, commenting on how cute it was, saying that they had never had anyone bring in their own hospital gown before! I am expecting identical twins in about ten weeks and I have already pulled out my two dearjohnnies gowns in preparation for the hospital. These gowns are made to last! Despite being several years old and being washed many times, they still look crisp and brand new.

Love, love, love this product. Thank you for helping me to personalize and feel more myself during some of the most important times of my life!

M. Kim

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