Breastfeeding In Your dearjohnnies

We just received a great question posed to the blog:

"Are the easy to breastfeed in? Doesn't look like it. I've seen another gown that has front panels that help with breastfeeding without showing everything."

Our Answer:

dearjohnnies are real hospital gowns, so they have all of the design elements but done better!
The snap down sleeves open completely and nursing can be done with ease.

dearjohnnies allow for medical access for the days after you deliver when nurses and doctors will need access for IV's, to check your bottom, and your incisions. Other "nursing gowns" which may have slits or front panels do not have these hospital gown design elements. The purpose of dearjohnnies is to provide women and children with comfortable, safe, and secure hospital gowns. They are approved for medical access and what you will really want to and need to be wearing during your labor, delivery, and recovery.

We suggest using one of our coordinating swaddling blankets for privacy or tucking your baby into your gown to nurse. To hold up the back portion of your dearjohnnies hospital gown while your sleeve is un-snapped, tuck the back panel and snaps into the back of your nursing bra strap. This way when you need to snap back up, it is all right there!

One dearjohnnies customer sent us this photo. Tucking your baby inside your hospital gown to nurse is an excellent way to gain coverage as well as precious skin to skin contact!

1 comment:

  1. But who wants to have their whole arm exposed when breastfeeding? Especially when you have visitors all the time in the hospital.


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