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Look at #5 on the list!

This is what Rachel Zinny thought of more than 6 years ago when she founded dearjohnnies.com and designed the first dignified, stylish and sized hospital gowns on the market.

If you ask anyone headed to the hospital they will tell you one of their top fears is putting on a regulation johnny...

KevinMD.com is a great resource for all things medical.


Inspiring to Say the Least

You have probably heard the story of mom blogger, Stephanie Nielson. She has been on Oprah and the Today show most notably with her story of surviving a plane crash.

What you may not have heard is that she is expecting a miracle baby! We are so inspired by her story and are looking forward to seeing photos of her in her dearjohnnies Libby gown and robe set.

Here's to a healthy, happy final stretch of your pregnancy Stephanie and a smooth delivery!

Read more about Stephanie's Journey here on
her blog Nie Nie Dialogues.

Watch a video about her story here.
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