Post Baby or Surgery Ab Exercises

Whether you are post baby or post surgery, or post holiday treat indulging, this exercise posted by Fitness Magazine looks both interesting and beneficial! Bonus: it doesn't look too difficult either...

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Get the details: HERE


Joy, Health & Happiness

We wish all of our customers Joy, Health & Happiness this season!

Please enjoy 25 % off of your order with code: joy2011 at checkout.

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Borrowed from Babble.com- 20 Delivery Room Tips

Having a baby? Soon?!

We thought you may find this useful! We borrowed it from popular blog Babble.com

Go there for well, really - EVERYTHING that you need to know!


What Are You Thankful For?

We just LOVE this idea!

The Thankful Jar. It's not too late to do this simple activity with your family so go for it and be extra thankful this season!

Thanks to the blog Young House Love for the tip! Read all about it here


Deck the Hospital Halls!

Deck the Hospital Halls with MIMI!

We just love the Mimi hospital gown! It is so fun and really lifts the spirits of those who wear it.

Do you know somebody who is heading into the hospital? Consider giving a dearjohnnies. We promise your gift will be received very well and your loved one will be the talk of the halls!

Get Mimi

Remember: Military Families receive a 25% OFF Discount


Share Your Story

We love to hear from our customers!

Please share your story with us on our Facebook wall and when you do we will send you a special thank you gift! Of if you would like to share it privately we appreciate that too. Just send a note to rachel@dearjohnnies.com

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Our Ellie Gown Tried and True!

We just love hearing from our customers--- Oh, and seeing beautiful new born baby faces!

Gabbi Lockhart has worn her Ellie gown with ALL 3 deliveries! Thank you Gabbi for your kind words and congratulations!

"I can not tell you how much I absolutely love your hospital delivery gowns and the matching receiving blankets. I received one of your blue and white polka dot Wellesley gowns with my name on it for the birth of my first son Jack almost five years ago.

Everyone who saw me in the gown commented on how much they loved the gown and how it was such a wonderful idea. I have bought a gown for each of my friends to wear at their deliveries so that they can feel as wonderful as I did during my delivery.

I have now worn the same gown for the delivery of all three of my boys and it still looks just as perfect as the day I received it at my shower five years ago. Thank you so much Rachel Zinny and the rest of the dearjohnnies crew for making me and my friends feel so pretty during our deliveries.

Gabbi Lockhart
Indianapolis, Indiana


What Affect Does Color Have On The Patient?

Do you ever wonder why certain products are certain colors? Or why a specific palette is used in a hospital, a school, a restaurant?

Here is an interesting article that we found recently about colors and what they are perceived to mean. For instance Blue can be calming. Maybe that is why our Ellie Gown is such a best seller!

Our Rory gown bursting with Purple may appeal to those who want to feel wealthy, and filled with wisdom!

Read More about color


A Better Patient Gown

dearjohnnies is not only about the gown our customers wear while receiving treatment, delivering a baby or under the knife- we also provide medical practices around the country with patient exam gowns!

Does your doctor hand you a paper gown or worse a worn, tattered exam gown that leaves you feeling vulnerable? Let him know about dearjohnnies! If your doctor orders from us and gives us your name, you will receive a $100 Amex gift card!

Tell your doctor to email info@dearjohnnies.com for more information. Our patient exam gowns and robes can be fully customized with the logo or name of your doctor's practice.

Here's to a better exam gown next time you are in the doctor's office!

Read More


Hospice Care, What To Expect

dearjohnnies hospital gowns are ordered for a variety of reasons. One of them is to make patients more comfortable during Hospice Care.

The Hospice Foundation of America is a nice resource if you know someone who will be receiving Hospice Care. Find more information here and consider a dearjohnnies gown to make patient care easier on the provider, and most importantly offer dignity to your loved one.

Our gowns are sized, 100% cotton, fully accessible for medical attention and come in a variety of patterns to brighten spirits. Sizing starts now at XS. Order online at dearjohnnies


Kind Words from Julie, A Customer

We love to hear from our customers!

Here, Julie shares her feedback:

"I absolutely love dearjohnnies! A friend told me about the gowns several years ago and it has now become my go-to gift for baby showers. And the gowns are truly a hit...everyone wants to know where to get them. It's easy to find cute baby clothes and the tried and true necessities for newborns, but it is rare to find a great gift for the mom-to-be. Plus, it's a functional gift that can be used for the next delivery. In addition to making hospital gowns chic, Rachel is fabulous and truly understands great customer service!"


Thinking About Surgery?

Considering cosmetic surgery? Gastric Bypass? Dermatology Procedure?

Make Me Heal is an informative website with a community vibe and a retail shop for items that you need to get through your surgery large or small with comfort in mind. If you are not the one going under the knife, think about your loved ones and friends who may need this great resource. Coupled with a dearjohnnies gown and robe, you are good to go!

Visit Make Me Heal today to see what all of the buzz is about.


Soy Safe? See What Dana Farber Experts Have To Say

There has been widespread concern about whether it is safe for women with breast cancer to eat soy.

An excellent source of fiber, vitamin B6, and protein, soy is usually associated with a health-conscious diet, but research concerning its safety has been mixed.

Some studies have shown isoflavones, a class of phytoestrogens, or plant-derived compounds, found in soy could impact a woman's estrogen levels and increase the risk of cancer recurrence among some breast cancer patients. Estrogen is known to promote the growth of breast cancer cells.

Wendy Y. Chen, MD, MPH, a breast cancer expert at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, has conducted research that shows that soy is safe to eat for breast cancer survivors.

Read More from Dana Farber Cancer Institute


39 Weeks! Jen, Editor from MWS Is Ready!

We are so excited for Jen Thomas, editor at MommiesWithStyle.com who is expecting her third baby any minute!

Her dearjohnnies gown is at the ready and here's what she had to say:

It’s been a long 39 weeks. I am ready to meet my baby girl any day now! My bags are packed, and one of the things in that bag that I am very excited about is my new dearjohnnies hospital gown and robe.

I was looking at pictures of myself from my last two births, and honestly, that big, gross, ugly hospital gown couldn’t have made me look any worse. I understand childbirth may not be the most glamorous time for a woman’s appearance, but really, those hospital gowns don’t fit, expose everything, and don’t do anything to make you feel special on your extra-special day.

Enter dearjohnnies designer hospital gowns. These beautiful gowns are soft, well-fitting, beautiful, and are hospital friendly with snaps on the sleeves and down the back, allowing easy access for breastfeeding, IV lines, etc. They are perfect to wear while laboring and giving birth, afterwards, or at home for ease and comfort. I plan to wear mine when I labor and deliver so I look and feel as good as I can!

read the rest


A Customer Shares How She Delivers Our Gowns As A Shower Gift

We are honored that a great customer of dearjohnnies gives this poem that she wrote along with every gown she gives as a gift to her expectant mom friends! How special!

"dearjohnnies gowns are my "go to" shower gift for pregnant pals. I adore giving them, along with this silly poem"- Cathy (Winnetka, IL)

The mother-to-be is finally there.
No more reading US Mag in a lounge chair!
The role of her friends is to help her prepare;
After delivery she'll need tender-loving-care!
So here's a little something for her to wear
in the hospital when she seeks some fashion flair.
Forget those old gowns -- so dingy, we declare
Be stylish, well-groomed...a model of chic health care!
Much love on the occasion of this "expectant" affair!


All I want for Mother's Day...

As Mother's Day approaches I feel like at least once every day this week I have been asked "what are your big plans for Sunday?" The answer - none! In fact the more I think about it, the more I realize the last thing I want are big plans. I spend every day managing plans, activities and schedules for 5 people. On Mother's Day I do not want to eat at a crowded restaurant where I am trying to entertain, please and corral three kids, do not want a big gift, nor want a big fuss.

My real gift is realizing that I have (so far) succeeded in raising three happy, kind, beautiful girls who demonstrate their love for, and capacity to mother, each other, every day. They love to play together, miss each other when they are at school and wait anxiously to be re-united at the end of each day, and most importantly take incredible care of each other. They travel as a pack and leave no girl behind!

That being said.. for my husband who keeps asking "what do you want for Mother's Day?" Well, I want to sleep in, not make a meal all day and not be the "go to" person for all needs, big and small, in our household from 7am-7pm for just one day. Any mom will tell you these are true gifts!

Happy Mothers Day and may you all find sleep, peace and a chance to relax on Sunday!

To say thank you and Happy Mother's Day please use code: dearmom at checkout for 20% off (excluding sample sale). dearjohnnies



What DO You Say?

So your best friend, mom, brother, or boss tells you they have Cancer... What would you say? What should you say?

With so many people diagnosed daily in the world today, take a few minutes to read this article from Cancer.net and then you will be better prepared. Your loved one will thank you for it.

From the article:
A cancer diagnosis often brings sadness, anger, confusion, and feelings of helplessness. These feelings make it important for the person with cancer to know that support and help are readily available. Many times, those closest to the person with cancer can provide the most support. However, sometimes it may be difficult to know what to say and what not to say, how to be sensitive, and how to remain supportive at all times.

Read More

How a Child Understands Cancer


Looking for Spring Family Fun?

Now that the weather seems to be on a more Spring-Like trend, we are looking for ways to celebrate and get the family psyched up!

Mother's Day is around the corner and the kids love to make special treats for mom and grandma. My kids made me a "Mother's Day Buffet" with fake food from our play kitchen when they overheard me discussing buffet's with a friend. So funny! -Lizzie, VP of Marketing dearjohnnies
So here's a cute idea we borrowed from Family Fun Magazine- Happy Mother's Day & Happy Spring!

Make a Gumdrop Garden Cake


Kind Words from A Sister

Recently we received this kind note from a customer who purchased our new Lily (above) & Libby gowns for her sister.

"I was so happy to see these two new fabrics on the site. My sister has MS and is quadriplegic and the fabrics you use are so much more comfortable and cooler for her than the usual hospital gowns, and so much prettier." - Barbara

Our new gown patterns Lily and Libby are making quite a splash with the media, celebrities such as Alyssa Milano (who just sent us a nice thank you note), and of course our dear customers!


Friends & Family- Take 20% OFF but Hurry!

We are so grateful to you, our dedicated and supportive customers! To say thank you we are offering a special promotion:

Go Shopping!


It's a Wrap: Gallery Owner Preserves Local Moms' Pregnancies in Plaster

Artist Patty McWilliams uses a wrap technique to help mothers-to-be keep their baby bellies forever.

Read the full article here


Sample Sale!

Have you checked out our Sample Sale page??

Look HERE You never know what you may find!


What Really Happens During A C-Section

Sometimes we know what we are in for in the delivery room, and some times not.

Every woman should be educated on all possible scenarios so we thought we would dig up some real information on a common delivery, method the C-section.

Whether it's elective, emergency or subsequent Cesarean sections are reccomended for a variety of reasons. Here is some useful information straight from MAYO Clinic.

Have you had a c-section? Post your thoughts in our comments if you like or on our Facebook page!
Note: dearjohnnies gowns are 100% approved to wear during your c-section and vaginal deliveries!


Thank You Cool Mom Picks!

dearjohnnies is honored to have been included in this year's prestigious Cool Mom Picks Baby Shower Gift Guide!

They featured our Rory gown with snap down sleeve.

Head over to CMP for the rest of the guide


Unexpected Gifts for the Expectant Mom

dearjohnnies was featured in the March issue of Earnshaw's- Mom's The Word piece.

We were proud to be among a selection of unexpected gifts for the expectant mom!

Check out the digital file at their website where they show our Libby gown- NEW for 2011!


dearjohnnies In A Shop Near You!

Did you know that dearjohnnies is carried in select boutiques from NYC to the UK to Australia?

Find out where to get our gowns and robes locally and if you know of a store in your area that should carry dearjohnnies (baby, maternity or health care shop) please email info@dearjohnnies.com and let us know!

BONUS------ If that store orders we will give you a $50 Amex Gift Card!

See our updated select retailer list here


Have You Seen Dana Farber's New Building?

From the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Website:

Imagine walking into a light-filled atrium, meeting with your care team in a spacious consultation room, and finding a peaceful moment in a healing garden. This is what a visit to Dana-Farber is like with the opening of the new, state-of-the-art Yawkey Center for Cancer Care.

Designed with advice from patients, families, and staff, the Yawkey Center retains Dana-Farber's trademark compassionate, family-centered, innovative care, and creates an environment that fosters healing.

Read more about the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care


Lose the fear and DREAM BIG!

I've been thinking a lot lately about obstacles. There are the daily, obvious kind - rush hour traffic which now goes on all day, endless calls to my insurance company to get medical claims paid, my kids refusing to try new foods (or eat foods they've loved for 3 years and now suddenly can't stand!) - the list goes on and on.

But it's the less obvious obstacles that are far more challenging to me, especially those I put up myself. I've realized as I've aged that FEAR is my biggest obstacle - fear of failing, fear of getting hurt, fear of embarrassment, fear of the unknown. It can be overpowering, paralyzing and contagious. I remind myself of this every day because I have three girls I'm raising to (hopefully) be strong, confident, and when necessary, fearless women. I don't want them to "catch" fear from me so I do my best to model (within reason) fearless behavior - like being right by their side climbing on a 25 foot indoor rock wall - even if my forty something body doesn't always agree with me! So what motivates me to tackle my fear head on? Lately it's the image of my brave, beautiful 5 year old riding a wave...

On a recent family trip, my husband and our nanny decided to sign up for a surf lesson in the rough, and very cold, Pacific Ocean. The day before, my daughter boldly announced "I want to take a surf lesson too." She can swim, but she's not what I would call an ocean swimmer, nor has she ever surfed a day in her life. So the big day arrived, everyone donned their wetsuits and we all went down to the beach. I could see my daughter wavering, her fear was creeping in, and she was struggling with her decision to go through with it. We told her it was fine if she decided not to surf and the teacher headed into the ocean with the others. My daughter stood at the water's edge, watching for a few minutes and then I saw it, the sparkle in her eye and her fiery spirit rising to push the fear aside. Five minutes later she proclaimed - I'll do it! She confidently walked out with the instructor, wading through the 55 degree water and constant rolling waves, got up on the 7 foot adult sized surfboard and rode a wave! It was an incredible and empowering moment, for her and for me.

My daughter only stands 44 inches tall, but her courage made her twice that height that day. She came out of the water with her teeth chattering and the hugest smile on her face. I snapped a photo of her after, while she sipped a smoothie and watched the waves and realized that the message on the back of her sweatshirt - DREAM BIG! - said it all.

So now my new mantra is "find your inner child, lose the fear and DREAM BIG!"


A Look At Our Robes

At dearjohnnies we have provided women around the globe with high quality hospital gowns and robes since 2005. Our robes are perfect for your hospital stay, but also as a designer addition to your lounge wear collection at home.

100% white cotton flannel trimmed with your choice of our patterns. The lapel, cuff and belt are trimmed with a double stitch, and the gown even has pockets for your convenience. Each robe also comes in its own complimentary and re-usable gift bag, ready to be monogrammed (see site for details).

See all of our robes here


Meet Libby & Lily- Two New Patterns

Meet our TWO New Patterns, Libby & Lily!

Both patterns are available in gown and matching robe.

All gowns and robes also now come in their own re-useable gift bag. You can even add an extra special touch of a monogram to the white cotton flannel robe bag!


Delivery Room Primping

Thank you GalTime for featuring dearjohnnies in today's article about delivery room primping!

Read more here


Tips for Visiting Someone In the Hospital

Concerned about what to say or how to be best received when visiting someone in the hospital?

It's a common feeling and we found this article helpful because it pulls 14 hospital patients real feelings on what made them comfortable and happy to see the visitor!

Read more here

Also, 17 Etiquette Points you may be surprised by!


Monogramming, That Special Touch.

dearjohnnies hospital gowns are special, but we offer a few additional goodies that make them an even more perfect gift.

Monogramming is available on every dearjohnnies product. We are not surprised that over half of the orders come through with a monogram request. We can do a full name, a nickname, simple initial or traditional monogram in our signature thread options. Our robes look especially polished and posh when monogrammed and the baby swaddling blankets become an instant heirloom.

Medical practices often order and ask for a monogram as well! See the website for monogramming costs. Remember that every gown now comes packaged in its own re-useable complimentary matching gift bag!

Coming soon! New robe patterns and two new gown patterns for 2011! Make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter to receive the first word! Sign Up Here


NEW! dearjohnnies Video

We are so excited to announce the dearjohnnies video! In just a few minutes we invite you to learn more about the company, the founder and our mission to provide quality patient gowns.

Please visit our YouTube Channel to leave comments and share.

Thank you for watching!


ABC Primetime Drama Shows 3 dearjohnnies Hospital Gowns

Last night's Private Practice on ABC featured THREE of our hospital gowns! We are so excited to be working with their wardrobe department.

Here's a snap shot of our Pia hospital gown peeking out under her robe. It was so popular that is is now sold out!

The Ava (yellows & orange paisley pattern) is still available here. A matching robe is also available in the Ava pattern.

The Rory (a customer favorite in purple and turqoise) is available here. A matching robe is available in the Rory as well!

Keep watching Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy and see which dearjohnnies gown you can spot next!

Thank you for the support as always.


Recent Celebrity Fans of dearjohnnies

We are so delighted to be a part of our customers lives, especially the moment they welcome a new baby into their arms and heart.

Recently we have heard from a handful of celebrity moms who enjoyed wearing our hospital gowns to welcome their bundles! Here's a note from Nina Garcia:

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