Hot Moms Club

dearjohnnies is excited to be part of the Hot Moms Club book The Hot Mom to Be Handbook: Look and Feel Great from Bump to Baby by Jessica Denay!

We are featured inside with a special promotion for readers.

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Put Some Pink In Your Loved One's Cheeks!

We probably all know someone who is ill. Unfortunately. Whether they are in the hospital or home receiving care, checking in soon for a surgery, or staying for an extended period of time. What they need is your love and support, but they could also use a little pink in their cheeks. A little boost of comfort and confidence. This is what dearjohnnies strives to do (and succeeds at) daily.

Our Chloe gown is filled with pops of pink and makes a great gift! Flowers wilt, candy and other food items are often not appropriate gifts to someone in the hospital, but you are sure to wow with a dearjohnnies gown!

Most recently actress Amy Adams received this gown to wear when she welcomes her first child soon!
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