Beautiful Thanks

A recent testimonial came our way with a beautiful photo to go with!

This is Kristen Rutherford and her new baby. We just love how she put her newborn right inside her dearjohnnies Rory Hospital Gown! Mother and baby look safe, cozy and comfortable.

"I saw your gowns at a baby expo when I was 4 months pregnant -- I kept thinking about them and hemming and hawing about getting one, and finally my husband *put his foot down* and insisted I buy it. We were going to order it online, but decided to check and see if one was available locally. We found a vendor selling the style I wanted in my size, went and bought it and had a nice brunch afterwards. I went into labor that night!

All of the nurses at the hospital commented on it - most of them hoping they were the "new hospital gowns" - It got to be so hilarious - I would be in the middle of a contraction and a new nurse or technician would come in and say "Okay Mrs.. oooh! What a GREAT gown!" and I would say mid-contractions "thaaaanks my husbaaand bought it for meee." --it was such a big hit in the maternity ward! Most of all, it was so comfortable and soft, and best of all it FIT me! I'm planning on buying these for my pregnant friends from here on out. Thanks again.


Dr. Marga & Her Mission

Recently one of our favorite customers, Dr. Marga Massey re-ordered our dearjohnnies hospital gowns for her offices.

Dr. Massey is a life saver for countless women seeking a better outcome for their breast reconstruction surgery following a breast cancer diagnosis. She understands completely the need to give patients dignity and graciously provides them with our Lucy gowns for their surgery and recovery.

We love what she is doing for women from around the world who seek her out and we love that we can support the BCRF fund when she stocks her office with our gowns (by donating 10% of all our Lucy gown sales to BCRF).

To learn more about Dr. Marga and her amazing work visit her site at www.drmarga.com


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Take A Gown, Pass It Around

We recieved a lovely note with a unique twist from a loyal fan of dearjohnnies. Stephanie Frazier-Grimm, a popular party planner in Newport, RI wrote us the note below. We just love her idea of how she (and her closest friends) have worn our dearjohnnies Lucy gown during on their special day!

I just want to say how much I LOVE your product! I bought your pink polka (Lucy) dot dearjohnnies gown 3 years ago when I was going to give birth to my second child, figured the first time around I went into labor so quickly I was wearing my college tennis t-shirt, and unfortunatly have the pictures to prove it! I came up with an idea for my dearjohnnies gown. I loved it so much (and thankful for the cute pictures of me in it) that I wanted to share it with my friends. After I gave birth to Ellie I monogrammed her name and birthday onto the dearjohnnies gown. Every time one of my friends has a baby, I pass it on to them for "good luck" After their hospital stay they return it to me and I monogram their babies and birthday on it! We have 5 so far! It is so great to look at and be reminded of all the miracles that were born since I have owned this :)

Our Lucy gown. 10% of all Lucy sales go to Breast Cancer Research

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