Scary Moments Made Better With A dearjohnnies

We just received this letter from a customer who during a scary batch of moments during her delivery, found that her fashionable Lola hospital gown kept the mood light and kept her feeling safe and secure. These are the emails we just can't keep to ourselves!

Hello Rachel-

I had such a great experience with your gowns that I wanted to take some time to write (albeit a year later) to let you know.

I purchased 2 gowns for myself, as well as another for a friend who was set to deliver several weeks before me. Exactly three weeks after my friend, I went into labor myself, and upon arrival, I immediately put on my first gown (Lola). Right away the compliments came from anyone who saw me in my gown; I was incredibly comfortable, not only because I was wearing something of my own, but also because it was so unbelievably soft! After thirteen hours of natural labor and reaching almost full-dilation, however, my doctor discovered that a resident had mistaken my son’s bottom for his head and the he was in reality coming “Frank breech,” or bottom first. As a result, I was immediately given an epidural and rushed into the operating room for a cesarean delivery. (The attached pic was taken just before I left for the O.R.)

You can imagine the rush of emotions at that point, but as I rolled into the O.R. the compliments began flying about my gown from both nurses and doctors, alike, and my frazzled frame of mind was immediately changed into one of confidence and joy. Even after thirteen crazy, tiring hours, I felt beautiful and comfortable once again and ready to welcome our baby boy into the world!

Cole was born on December 12, 2008, weighing a healthy 8 lbs., 6oz. (See other attached pic)

I recently gave a friend the “Lucy” gown/robe combo for her upcoming delivery and her mother was so impressed, she plans to purchase an additional gown for my friend’s delivery herself!

Thanks so much, Rachel, for all you do to help make one of the most special days of a woman’s life even better!!!

-Sally Franklin
Eufaula, Alabama
(A military wife, previously of Duluth, MN, for the birth)

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