Borrowed from Babble.com- 20 Delivery Room Tips

Having a baby? Soon?!

We thought you may find this useful! We borrowed it from popular blog Babble.com

Go there for well, really - EVERYTHING that you need to know!


What Are You Thankful For?

We just LOVE this idea!

The Thankful Jar. It's not too late to do this simple activity with your family so go for it and be extra thankful this season!

Thanks to the blog Young House Love for the tip! Read all about it here


Deck the Hospital Halls!

Deck the Hospital Halls with MIMI!

We just love the Mimi hospital gown! It is so fun and really lifts the spirits of those who wear it.

Do you know somebody who is heading into the hospital? Consider giving a dearjohnnies. We promise your gift will be received very well and your loved one will be the talk of the halls!

Get Mimi

Remember: Military Families receive a 25% OFF Discount

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