A Customer Shares How She Delivers Our Gowns As A Shower Gift

We are honored that a great customer of dearjohnnies gives this poem that she wrote along with every gown she gives as a gift to her expectant mom friends! How special!

"dearjohnnies gowns are my "go to" shower gift for pregnant pals. I adore giving them, along with this silly poem"- Cathy (Winnetka, IL)

The mother-to-be is finally there.
No more reading US Mag in a lounge chair!
The role of her friends is to help her prepare;
After delivery she'll need tender-loving-care!
So here's a little something for her to wear
in the hospital when she seeks some fashion flair.
Forget those old gowns -- so dingy, we declare
Be stylish, well-groomed...a model of chic health care!
Much love on the occasion of this "expectant" affair!

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