39 Weeks! Jen, Editor from MWS Is Ready!

We are so excited for Jen Thomas, editor at MommiesWithStyle.com who is expecting her third baby any minute!

Her dearjohnnies gown is at the ready and here's what she had to say:

It’s been a long 39 weeks. I am ready to meet my baby girl any day now! My bags are packed, and one of the things in that bag that I am very excited about is my new dearjohnnies hospital gown and robe.

I was looking at pictures of myself from my last two births, and honestly, that big, gross, ugly hospital gown couldn’t have made me look any worse. I understand childbirth may not be the most glamorous time for a woman’s appearance, but really, those hospital gowns don’t fit, expose everything, and don’t do anything to make you feel special on your extra-special day.

Enter dearjohnnies designer hospital gowns. These beautiful gowns are soft, well-fitting, beautiful, and are hospital friendly with snaps on the sleeves and down the back, allowing easy access for breastfeeding, IV lines, etc. They are perfect to wear while laboring and giving birth, afterwards, or at home for ease and comfort. I plan to wear mine when I labor and deliver so I look and feel as good as I can!

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