A Recent Note From A Dear Customer

We love getting notes and photos from our customers. Here is one recently from a loyal dearjohnnies buyer. She is due in December with her sixth girl! This time she went for the Rory & matching Robe!

Dear Rachel,

Hello there, I am not too sure if you may remember me. We are stationed in Okinawa my husband is in the Air Force. I had placed an order from you almost two years ago, and well here I am requesting to place an order with you! This will be number (drum roll please) 6 for us...and rumor has it(via ultrasound tech)that it is our 6th girl!! It is a wonderful blessing, and yes I still get surprised day by day, sometimes I don't think it's settled in! Amazing! I don't know how my husband does it!

Oh I have attached pictures for you to enjoy from that wonderful day, along with an ultrasound capture of our expected addition. It was sort of a pretty antsy night-into-morning for us so pictures didn't come out all that great but I thought I'd share.

I was very glad to see that I kept my folder in my inbox with past orders of misc important items so I was able to find your address! Hope to hear from you soon!


Rory gown and Matching Robe as well as Lucy (pictured) available at dearjohnnies 10% of the Lucy sales are donated to Breast Cancer Research all year 'round.

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